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get colder. a slight chance for a rain shower this morning. you could run into a little bit of rain to start the day. it will clear up. the sunshine will come back. a high temperature of 85 degrees. i do not think we will break any records, but it is pretty impressive for this time of year. we will take a look at the forecast more in a few minutes, but first let's check with traffic. >> many of our problems have been cleared. if you're traveling in dundalk, this accident could create delays in that area. a water main break with delays associated with it at sharps street. most of the major roadways are looking pretty good of this hour. eight minute ride on the inner loop. a 10 minute ride from the
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beltway southwest. here is a live view of traffic. c what is going on at 95 and the fort mchenry. it is moving without delay. here is a live view at greenspring where we are problem free at the inner loop. the harrisburg expressway is looking good. that is the latest, over to you. >> our big story this morning, breaking news overnight. the deadly mine explosion in western virginia. >> 25 have been killed, making it the deadliest accident in more than 25 years. the remaining four missing miners. here are the late breaking details. >> overnight, the news from this west virginia mine only got25 have been confirmed dead. it was after a massive composure -- explosion. it occurred monday afternoon.
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rescue teams poured into the remote areas in the west virginia mountains. >> we have seen a bunch of rescue teams go by. >> crews are pushing through the rubble after the blast, ultimately confirming the fears of so many waiting above ground. adding to their frustration, words that the effort to find four more miners has been put on hold. the condition inside the shaft is too dangerous to continue their search. >> if another explosion had occurred, we would have lost 50 rescuers. it would have been something unfathomable. >> all we can do as a community is come together and pray. we are all coal mining families. >> families that understand the real dangers of the job. they have no way of coping with what has happened here. nbc news, west virginia.
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♪ >> in session 2010, it is down the next few days for legislators to battle on theonly 43 pieces of legislation has passed. jennifer franciotti is live with details on bills still on the floor. >> it is going to be a very busy week. a lot of unfinished business. the house has passed 15 pieces of legislation. the senate has passed 28. they will resume debate on the a gang bill. some believe the definition is too broad. they also will look at cell phone bills. the senate is trying to decide on pieces of sex offender legislation. the want to close a loophole and that occurred after one child was killed last christmas.
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the border states would have to share sex offender data. neither chamber has had an opportunity to discuss allowing marijuana to be used for medical purposes. and a process remains unresolved. the budget has not been worked out either. we will have more on that coming up for you. back to you. >> montgomery county police identified an officer who lost his life while responding to a call over the weekend. he was killed after losing control of a vehicle sunday morning in silver springs and slamming into a tree. he was taken to a hospital, but did not survive his injuries. if you were in the area at the time, please call police with information about the crash. >> one lane remains closed which is an improvement from yesterday afternoon when an
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entire street had to be shut down after a 10 inch water main burst. >> the hairstylist was paid for services more often than once thought. the hair stylist was for former mayor sheila dixon. a further review of city records shows have a dozen similar bills were submitted. the largest was for too much as $25 just before christmas of 2008. >> the decision to allow access to alternative lifestyle sexual with one legislator. he wrote elected to the school superintendent saying he does not approve of the decision. sites for educational purposes has been allowed. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. do you think students should be allowed access to lgbt websites on school computers for
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educational purposed? email us your response to cracks it was a bitter street battle -- >> it was a bitter streets battle between ravels last night -- rivals last night. it was a sad loss for cardinals who went up against their arch rival. knight took place on paper ruth-- it was the most anticipated on baby ruth field. the players put on their red uniforms. >> it is something that we look forward to. we always draw a big crowd. >> a divens was beaten last night. -- gibbons was beaten last night. >> the takeoff was picture perfect, but no new pictures from the space shuttle right
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now. we will tell you what that means for the schedule. >> firefighters in mexico had their hands full battling a fire. more on that as 11 news today continues. >> some early-morning problems to watch out for, including the water main break in the city.
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>> welcome back. nine minutes after 6:00. a warm start for us this morning. the average high temperature is 61. it is already 66. over 80 degrees this afternoon. a 30% chance of rain first. some scattered showers in the northwest suburbs right now.
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it is near frederick county and carroll county. these showers are drifting to the east. between now and is a clock, a 30% chance he will run until light rain. nothing that will slow down the drive time. it will clear up. take a look at the trigger mechanisms for all of this. it is a warm front. this is the dividing line between the summer like air mass and the chillier air mass in new england. you get showers and thunderstorms. most of the activity is north of us and will stay there. the movement west to east can be seen here. s this disturbance goes through, the sun -- as the this disturbance goes through, the sunshine will break through.
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by 10:00, the sunshine will come through, and the temperatures will jump. 68 in westminster. 63 degrees at the airport. we will start out startclouds and the possibilities of rain. the high-temperature 85 degrees. 25 degrees above normal for this time of year. tonight, mostly clear and mild, with temperatures in the upper 50 kooky and 60's. more of the same -- 50's and 60's. more of the same tomorrow. this storm system will catch up to us with a strong cold front that will go through thursday night and into friday morning. it will not the timber is back into the 60's by the weekend.
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86 tomorrow. the record high for today and tomorrow are around 90 degrees. i do not think we will break any records. it is pretty close and impressive for this time of year. a chance for thunderstorms late in the afternoon and thursday night. the home opener on friday, and if 40% chance of showers. not enough to wash out the game. it will be much cooler, and you may have to deal with a few raindrops. 20 degrees cooler on friday. a dry weekend on saturday and sunday with temperatures in the low 60's. let's check the roads. >> we are starting to see slut spots out there as volume picks up. -- sluggish spots out there as volume picks up. one lane is close at chartres street in the city, due to the
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water main break repairs. if you are traveling on the west side, baltimore national park moving well. the harrisburg expressway is equally smooth at this time. at the beltway, a live picture showing easy conditions. no delays to report. it's pretty easy start here. our first delay should be headed southbound out of the beltway. over to you. >> thanks. an equipment malfunction on the shuttle discovery is making it difficult for them to do an expression -- inspection. they are trying to evaluate the
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condition on the heat paws on the other side of the shuttle. it will be restored until it arrives at the international space station. the crews will send pictures back to earth. and one person is charged with two counts of child abuse for allegedly leaving his young sons in a car for days while he went off on a drinking binge. police found his voice asleep in a car sunday. -- boys asleep in a car sunday. they said they had not eaten for days. they found the father in a bar. the children are now in the custody of their mother. >> a brush fire in new mexico scars -- scorches dozens of50 acres have burned. flames are not posing a threat to any structures. precaution. about 40% of the fire has been contained. the cost is under investigation. -- cause is under investigation.
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no word on what may have started it. >> whole foods market recalling tuna steaks to two possible elevated levels of antihistamines, which could cause an allergic reaction. they have an expiration date of december 5, 2010. you can return them for a full refund. pickup trucks are known for carrying heavier loads. sales of ford's "f" series picked up. they had marched increases. and even the toyota tundra sought its march sales jumped 94%. -- saw it'ss march sales jumped
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94%. here is a bloomberg business report. >> another sign of improvement in the labour market. home depot is adding jobs for the first time in four years. they are anticipating a rebound in sales. heather -- healthy demand for paint is one reason. the treasury department is made more than $10 billion in profits. it may end up losing money on the tarp program. stocks continued to climb higher yesterday. growth in the service industry was seen. the local bloomberg maryland and that also saw a gain. an aluminum giant will have thousands of dollars in charges. a report of next week.
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other carriers are charging 13% more for the travel season. the average round-trip fare jumped four rockets $71 from 4 rogers $15 years ago. -- $471 from $415 years ago. but hotel rates are still cheap this summer. wbal tv 11 news. >> millions of women suffer from migraines that can be brought on from a variety of triggers such as food, stress, lack of sleep. even the weather can be a factor. >> there are people that are very weather-sensitive. for them, there is not much they can do, because if you cannot
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stop the weather. you can't take medication for it. >> the last storm, the bear magic pressure dropped. -- the barometric pressure dropped. i felt that immediately. before i heard what the pressure was. >> tony has been telling us for a long time that weather affects migraines. taking the medication can make a big difference when that barometric pressure drops. >> another check on weather and traffic straight ahead. >> the butler bulldogs turned their game into a nail biter. we have highlights next. >> do not forget to e-mail us your answers to our watercooler question of the day. do you think students should be allowed access to lgbt websites on school computers for educational purposed? email us your response to
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>> here is a look at the winning lottery numbers from last night.
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>> good morning. hopefully you are doing well this morning. major roads are doing well. one problem of note. a northbound i-95 approaching
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198. an accident reported there. the bulk of the volume is heading south of. one lane blocked at chartres street. the some delay is developing there. not bad on the j.f.x. is live view of a couple of spots. here is the bw parkway. . 295 and no delays from the beltway. we are starting to see some buildup in volume here. this is approaching the beltway northeast. that is the latest. tony has a check on the forecast. >> a good morning, everyone. we are picking up some light showers and even some thunder showers out there on hd doppler. the western suburbs, some rain
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rolling through. showers of around tiny town. -- taney town. 30% chance for showers on your way to work or school this morning. skies will clear and the sunshine will come out. high temperature of around 85 degrees. we will check the seven-day forecast going into the weekend in a few minutes. we will send it over to sports. >> what a basketball game. duke in public. it came down to the last possession. the last shot that just missed. butler the hometown team plane in indianapolis. duke hits the 3.
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ronald to matt howard. the lead is 3. :03 left. gordon f or the win. -- for the win. duke celebrates. boller does not. 61-59 the coach was worn out. >> i have been fortunate to be in eight national championships. this was a classic. this was the toughest and the best one. >> i think he needs a good night's sleep. the orioles open their season tonight in st. petersburg against the tampa bay rays. dave in his third year as
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manager. tampa is considered a contender with the yankees and red sox to win al east. the home opener is friday against the toronto blue jays at 3:05. it is a sellout. the masters set for thursday. i am keith mills. that is sports. >> thanks. >> there is much more ahead in the next half-hour of 11 news today. >> maryland lawmakers are in the homestretch with some of the most important bills still to be decided. details are next. >> in washington, a toyota is being sued of violating the law and slapped with a gigantic
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fine. did those recall
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. tony pann has a quick look at the forecast. >> good morning, everyone. we have thundershowers this morning. take a look at hd doppler. one is going through howard county. another in northern part of carroll county. there is a chance you could run into a brief shower or thunderstorm early this morning. it will clear up as we head into this afternoon. 85 with sunshine later on today. we will check the seven-day forecast when we come back in a few minutes. in session 2010, it is getting down to the nitty gritty drawing to an end. >> jennifer franciotti joins us live with more details. >> some politicians are trying to play it safe. there are big issues on the
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table, including the budget. the house has passed 15 pieces of legislation. in the senate, which has fewer members, over 1000 bills have been introduced. only 28 of them has passed. delegates will resume debate on the bank bill -- gang bill. some believe the definition for while driving still has not cleared the house. and some want to abolish good time jail credit for sex offenders. they want tighter laws after a child was killed last christmas. it requires border states to share sex offender registry data.
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and neither chamber has discussed the legal use of purposes. and they are looking at teacher pensions by local jurisdictions which still has to be resolved. the house opposes a bond bills. they allow some to fund district projects. budget negotiators say it may have to go into extra innings, so to speak. >> president barack obama one step closer to conquering his vision for a nuclear-free world. we have that story. >> we are talking about something serious, but it is always wonderful to talk to you. hope you are doing well. we are talking about president obama who is set to unveil a new
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nuclear strategy. it is required by congress. some say the obama administration's policy does not go far enough. it is more of a middle-of-the- road policy. administration officials say it will reduce the number of nuclear weapons the u.s. has in its arsenal. it will reduce the role that it placed in national security. part of the new plan means not using atomic weapons against non-nuclear countries. in the interview with the "new york times", the president says iran and north korea could still have a nuclear response. the president will sign a landmark arms control treaty on thursday. he is hosting world leaders later in the week for nuclear non-proliferation summit. wbal tv 11 news.
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>> before you go, how will this policy differ from that of george w. bush? >> the big difference is how the nuclear weapons are used. so far, the obama administration has not hinted at if they would ever strike first. more will be released today. the bush administration did allow nuclear weapons to be used to respond to or preempt chemical or biological attacks. >> have a good day. what a difference a season makes. lines were long and vaccines were short for the swine flu virus. the virus seems to be researching. now the opposite is true. there is plenty of of vaccines to go around, but not a lot of people asking for it. the time to get immunized is now. >> the swine flu virus is different from the flu.
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remember back one year ago, it was in the spring that the swine flu virus hit. we should always be cognizant that it might come back. >> if you want to find a location for one of the free flu clinics to get your vaccine, go to a clock could soon provide residents with the correct time. time in all directions of the city. it stopped moving in 2007. repairs were not easy. expected to be up and running later on today. it is the largest clot in the world. it is -- it is the largest clot in the world. it is 1 feet wider than a big event in london.
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-- big ben in london. >> starting tomorrow through april 18, the service. -- circus. >> good morning. checking on your morning commute. a few early morning problems to watch out for. northbound 95 approaching 198 this accident is cleared. no longer any problems there. one lane closed along pratt street due to a water main break. watch for closures. south of the white marsh area, some delays developing their and on the west side. that is as you make your approach to liberty. 83's looking good aside from
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police activity southbound on the harris ver expressway. the right lane is close they're just pass -- harrisburg expressway. the rights plan is closed their just past mount carmel. we are searching for delays, but it looks to be ok. let's check with sandra shaw. >> i am at the light rail station. if you bring a nonperishable item, you will get a free breakfast. it is sponsored by dunkin donuts. it is great. you have partnered up before with the maryland food bank. why? >> we are continuing this partnership and collaborating today with the food drive. the need to help families in maryland has never been greater.
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we are very proud to help support the people we serve in our community. >> we have seen action behind us already. they are getting a free breakfast this morning. this is going on until 9:00. yet plenty of time to grab and nonperishable items and come out here. get your transportation for the day in your free breakfast. let's take a ligature seven-day forecast. a little -- let's take a look at your seven-day forecast. a little disturbance with a quick passing shower this morning. other than that, it will be warm this afternoon. 85 degrees. a very cold air will come in later in the week. opening day for baseball is not looking pretty. a high near 60. enjoy the next few days. back to you. >> things. 61 degrees on tv hill. los skydiving acrobatics are done above the ground.
6:37 am
there are some sense much closer to earth that we will show you. >> the government hit toyota with a fine. that story coming up. >> we are still taking your answers to our watercooler question of the day. do you think students should be allowed access to lgbt websites on school computers for educational purposed? email us your response to
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>> in germany, they dio things differently for easter. they set fire to this and rolled down the hill. this ceremony dates back to thousands of years ago. each time one of the wheels reaches the foot of the hill, they cheer hope for a rich harvest. >> skydivers are showing off their skills 10 feet above the ground. it is a world challenge. there is a vertical indoor wind tunnel. it has a diameter of 16.5 feet. more than 80 teams took part in the challenge. the competition is the biggest indoor sky diving event in the world. the french and british teams
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won this year. that is my kind of skydiving. >> coming up, we will take a look at the morning's headlines. >> the morning commute is looking good so far. a few early morning problems. we will fill you in coming up. >> we have a little bit of rain in the forecast. summer-like temperatures today. here is a look outside. 62 degrees at the airport. stay
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>> welcome back. the governor of west virginia is still holding out hope for a
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miracle for miners still missing after an explosion that killed 25 others. there were dangerous levels of methane gas that forced rescue crews out of the mines. they hope to locate the trapped men. but the recount a police have identified the officer who risked his life of responding to a call over the weekend. he was killed after losing control of his vehicle sunday morning in silver spring and slamming into a tree. he was taken to a hospital, but did not survive his injuries. anyone in that area at the time of the accident should call police with information on the crash. >> the decision to allow access to alternative lifestyle sexual websites is not sitting well with one legislator. superintendent saying he does not approve of the decision. access was granted following a
6:45 am
complaint from the aclu. >> that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. >> we as did you think students should get access to these websites for school purposes. >> one person says, this is absurd. i am paying for schools to teach academics. leaders believe this would enhance legislation. for the parents that would like their children exposed to this, they should be exposed at home. >> another person agrees that they should have access for educational purposes. they should be able to access any information they want. the close minded politicians need to be voted out. >> another person rights, yes, yes, yes. allowing the students to learn about themselves in an educational setting is a wonderful idea. >> and raphael says i would like to say no, but at the same time, if it is for educational
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purposes only, i do not know what to say. we will post more of your answers on there website >> the transportation department is using toyota to drive home a fine for not notifying thehere are more details. >> good morning. transportation secretary ray lahood says his agency has proved that toyota knew about but did not issue a recall until january of this year. a record fine, nearly 161 $4 million. >> it is a message to toyota but to others -- $16.4 million. it is a message to toyota and others that safety is important. >> ray lahood says the company knowingly hid this defect for
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months. they should have reported it 5 days within finding it. that does not happen. >> they should have notified the government that there was a problem with the sticky gas pedals. >> 2.3 million cars have been recalled. half have been serviced so far with new paddles. -- pedals. tobia says they have taken a number of steps to improve their safety. some drivers say they're fixed cars still have a problem. toyota continues to investigate what is going on. they have a couple of weeks to accept or contest the fine. one watchdog says if they are smart, they will pay it best to rebuild trust with the drivers. wbal-tv.
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>> we are checking under morning commute. along route 7, philadelphia road, watch for an accident there. a right lane closure for pratt street due to the water main break. some delays coming out of the north east approaching the beltway. no problems on the j.f.x. 795 looks great. south on the care rosburg expressway, a white line clochard near mount carmel. -- harris for expresswburg expra right lane closure near mount carmel.
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that is the latest. let's check in a live again with sandra schaub. > -- -- sandra shaw. >> if you bring a camera coulnn you can get free breakfast from dunkin donuts. there is such a need for the maryland food bank in particular for this year. >> the need has never been greater to help families in maryland. we have this great combination this morning. make a donation, and get a free breakfast. >> most people take the light rail anyway. >> there is a strong need for canned meat, canned tuna and
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chicken. breakfast items like cereal, old mill, and peanut butter. >> look in the your closet if you have not done so already. come out here and get free breakfast. it is going for a good cause. some disturbances are rotating through. it is active. we may see a sprinkle or shower. we will be nice and warm. i love this weather. >> everybody is thinking about summertime stuff. it will feel like june for the next couple of days. get ready. the rain is west of you. let's take a wider view. this is the dividing line between the summer air mass and the spring traditional air mass. when they bump together, you get
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showers and thunderstorms. that is where we are at the present time. that will pass through this morning. a 40% chance you will run into a shower. after this morning, it will clear up, and we will get some sunshine going. to the west, the clouds are breaking up. we will get sunshine as we head for the morning and into the afternoon. 63 at the airport. but the time we get the afternoon hours, the temperatures will push up to 85 degrees. the average temperature is 61. we are way above the mark. it is going to be mauled tonight. temperatures will be in the low 60 -- mild tonight. temperatures will be in the low 60's. the system out in the midwest
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will bring as a chance of showers and thunderstorms later this week, which will cool things off. sunshine on wednesday. 86 degrees. a good chance for a thunderstorms on thursday and those still 80 degrees. 40% chance for rain showers for the season opener. they should not cancel the game, but it will be west. a dry weekend is expected for saturday and sunday with high temperatures in the 60 degree range. >> thanks. the clock is ticking on the 2010 session of the general assembly. legislators do not have a lot to show for it. jennifer franciotti is here with more on the story. >> with one week to go, they face a lot of unfinished business. they have passed 15 pieces of legislation for the house. 28 for the senate.
6:53 am
they are looking at the definition of the word "gang." and ban on cell phones while driving has not cleared the house. they're also looking at sex offender legislation, including a loophole that was discovered when a child was murdered during christmas by a sex offender. neither chamber has discussed the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. the budget still has to be worked out. a lot on their plate. back to you. >> coming up today on "over", some of the funniest people on the -- "oprah" some of the funniest people on the planet will be there. here is a live report from virginia as rescue efforts continue on the "today show." they will talk with tiger woods. he had his first news conference
6:54 am
at the masters. and carol burnett stops by to chat. that is minutes away on the " today show." >> just ahead, we will take another look at weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day . stay with us.
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>> how is it looking? >> pretty good. a few delays developing. an accident along philadelphia road and hospital drive in roosevelt. and the water main break is
6:57 am
blocking one land near pratt street. -- one a lane near pratt street. here is a live view at liberty outside. some delays heading down toward edmondson. >> some rain going through parts of the area right now. some are thundershowers. maybe some lightening. you should see something for the next hour or so. the sun will come out and it would warmer. 85 today. 86 tomorrow. a chance for rain for the season opener on friday. it will not be as nice. but it will not be a washout. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we're back with a live update at 7:25.
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check in on wbal radio for weather and traffic updates. have a good day. .
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